Saturday, 23 January 2010

Some ideas for songs (if and ever I get round to it :p)

Masturbatory culture
Myopic people
Riding in the car
Growing up
Political correctness
Socialism / Capitalism
Whether or not people think about the things they may think about but probably don't, or do they?
Finding it hard to ignore my growing hatred for people - you have to suck it up and be happy regardless but it worries me that so much exasperates me
The increasing number of morons on the phone
The lack of politeness
Racism & unnecessary / unwarranted hatred
Teens today - including shitty art music, laziness, girls acting like whores
People suddenly only understanding black & white not gray areas
Favourite music
Robert Christgau - at least just to wind him up
How I can make music better than anyone else - hopefully after all other points have been covered! :p

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