Sunday, 24 January 2010

Jack the Ripper was Francis Tumblety?

I watched a TV show tonight about possible suspects of the murders that took place in London 1888. Apparently ‘they’ have narrowed down the suspects to 3 people, Tumblety being one of them. They went over the reasons why he may have been Jack the Ripper.

1. No prior knowledge of the area was needed as prostitutes would arrange ‘meetings’ in a place familiar to them.
2. Contrary to common belief only a small amount of medical knowledge as the attacks on the women were highly imprecise but followed a similar theme each time. Tumblety was a doctor at the time.
3. He had a hatred of women and collected women's uterus' in glass jars which is symbolic of psychopathic traits. Also removal of the uterus was common throughout all of the murders.
4. He was arrested at the time in correlation to the murders but released pending further evidence.
5. There were no more killings after he fled England on the 24th of November, unless you count copy-cat killings.
6. He had been arrested several times throughout his life up until this point.
7. He was wealthy enough to change his clothes if they became blood-strewn.
8. Detectives sent to New York to capture him after he fled England were unable to capture him.
9. When his handwriting is compared to that of Jack the Ripper they are 100% identical - the words looping and so tall that they overlap almost the next two lines of text.

I always find these kind of shows interesting and what's even more interesting is how anyone could find anyone other than Tumblety as Jack the Ripper. I mean when you see the text yourself on screen it's pretty obvious.

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