Thursday, 21 January 2010

I'll start this post by saying how I don't know how to start this post. I was thinking today I should write down my thoughts on colours and ratings of film and music. That is to say I feel you can associate different colours with how good a film or movie is or how they are placed on a list. For example I get the feeling a 10/10 such as The Godfather (for sanity's sake) gives of a real black feel. A 9/10 such as The Warriors gives of a red feel, an 8/10 such as Avatar a blue feel and a 7/10 film such as Sin City gives of a brown feel (jokes aside). I haven't really thought about anything lower than that but I'm sure the other colours would be involved.

Now if it were for music it may go something like this:
1. White
2. Blue
3. Red
4. Yellow
5. Orange
6. A lighter version of red
7. Brown
8. Green
9. Grey
10. Black
11. Silver
12. A darker version of green
13. Rust

It would be interesting what others thought about this and if there was any psychological studies into this. I know there are a few concerning colours and mood etc.

Edit: in the case of Rolling Stones: Exile on Main Street (it's second only to The Clash: The Clash) I would call it a gold feeling record - Derek and the Dominoes being a blue but in third place? :S :p

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