Monday, 25 January 2010

Ok so there is another Jesus program about a man named Simon who could have been the first messiah. When they say the first messiah they mean that Jesus copied Simon by giving up his own life to create a historical revolution.
I have no belief whatsoever that Jesus was holy or the son of God but this show is really interesting - obviously. So this man Simon realized that if he died and rose from the dead he would be more likely to be remembered as the messiah. Obviously his followers wrote, on a tablet, that he was visited by Gabriel and he told Simon to rise again in three days. He lead a rebellion against the Romans and was killed shortly afterwords. This is very near to the time that Jesus was born (around 4 BC) so they're saying that Jesus could have heard about Simon and copied this idea of rising from the dead.
It just proves more and more how Jesus is, of course, phony and that the Bible is just a masterpiece lie. There were so many ‘messiahs’ during the Roman occupation of Jerusalem and just because Jesus happened to have his story written by the worlds most genius storytellers of our time makes him the son of god? Unlikely.

A lot of people argue that nowadays so much good comes from religion that is isn't worth debating whether god is real or not but I believe everything should be debated at all times. I have the tact to resist temptation whenever religion is brought up in conversation especially between friends but it really and truly gets my goat that people believe in something that is fake and I believe the world would be far better off without any religion. But it's me vs. a couple billion fools! :/ :p

I think I'll make a proper project out of this and make either a proper post (edited well) or it's own file or space so it isn't pressing on the other posts! :p

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