Monday, 25 January 2010

There have been loads of these Jesus programs on TV recently about new scrolls they have found or whether he actually died on the cross yadda yadda and they've started to bring up my old atheist viewpoints all over again much to the dismay of my mother! :p
According to these new scrolls Jesus was never crucified or he made somebody else take his place during the execution. You know when the man Simon is made to help Jesus with the cross on this way to the hill apparently they just swapped round and Jesus didn't die. What I find interesting about this is not whether he died or didn't but rather the fact that Christians have chosen four gospels out of like twenty to put into the Bible. They have chosen what they want to believe and dismissed the writings they don't without any evidence they are any more right or wrong accounts of Jesus' life! I mean I know that this happened along time ago or at least over a substantial period of time but GIVE ME A BREAK! :p How can you do that and then try to tell me that any of this actually happened?!

Without going into another fuming rant over the inconsistencies in this bullshit let me just point out a few funny things about religion.

1. In movies whenever we find an indigenous tribe they say ‘our god’ as if they are obviously wrong and they are soooo sorry but bear with them and they're puny tribal ways. Yet our bullshit story is correct and ours is just ‘god’ not ‘our god’.

2. Why would god make us in ‘his image’? And if he's anything like us why are we so full of shit? :p Of wait maybe we are made in his image? I mean is this just complete arrogance?!

I think the Bible has some of the greatest life stories but many other books do like the Koran - which is just another version of the Bible - I'll give the Bible that. But compare the Bible to any other religion throughout time - the pagans for example - well at least they worshiped something real. It's just all laughable!

I think I'll have to come back to this and edit it into coherence! :p Also notice how I never capitalized god.

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