Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I'm not always one for conspiracy theories but with my last post and this one it might be apparent that I am. I guess I'm on the fence! :p

Anyway, apparently (or should I say actually) the HIV (AIDS) virus is a mutation of VISNA - a virus first apparent in Icelandic sheep made by the Nazi's. Apparently (I'll use this word a lot) there is a government agency called the ‘Special Virus Program’ in the U.S. which took the VISNA virus and adapted it so that it would cause immune system dysfunction to be used primarily for biological warfare. The ‘U.S. Special Virus’ was first used in combination with Hepatitis B jabs in both New York and central Africa during the late 1970's and 80's. There are medical papers that literally report this to be true and I can't help but wonder why this hasn't been fully investigated? Dr. Boyd Graves is the only person to have followed this up after reading these documents - taking it to court in 1992. I seriously, seriously, can't believe this hasn't been followed up - if only to be disproved. This is worrying.

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