Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I have, recently, been compiling a 50-track house-party playlist and, after many hours of arduous study, I have come up with this (I would ask ‘thoughts’ but I know nobody reads this?!):

1. Al Green: Jesus is Waiting
2. The Indestructible Beat of Soweto: Indoda Yejazi Elimnyama
3. Lil Wayne: Kush
4. The Roots: How I Got Over
5. Kanye West: Through the Wire
6. Drive-By Truckers: Outfit
7. Wussy: Conversation Lags
8. Al Green: Call Me (Come Back Home)
9. Kanye West: Two Words
10. Ghostface Killah: All That I Got is You
11. Rod Stewart: Every Picture Tells a Story
12. Michael Hurley/Unholy Modal Rounders/Jeffrey Fredericks & the Clamtones: Sweet Lucy
13. Elizabeth Cook: El Camino
14. Die Antwoord: Enter the Ninja
15. Kanye West: Hell of a Life
16. Nicki Minaj: Did it on’em
17. Madonna: Borderline
18. Sonic Youth: Sunday
19. Sly & the Family Stone: Dance to the Music
20. Fleetwood Mac: The Chain
21. LL Cool J: Mama Said Knock You Out
22. Ghostface Killah: The Champ
23. Sly & the Family Stone: Everyday People
24. Van Morrison: Everyone
25. The Clash: White Riot
26. Gogol Bordello: Mishto!
27. DJ Shadow: Mutual Slump
28. Culture: I’m Alone in the Wilderness
29. LL Cool J: Around the Way Girl
30. Lil Wayne: 3 Peat
31. M.I.A.: Paper Planes
32. DJ Shadow: Building Steam with a Grain of Salt
33. Latin Playboys: If
34. The Clash: Hate & War
35. Derek and the Dominos: Layla
36. X: The Once Over Twice
37. The Replacements: Favorite Thing
38. Drive-By Truckers: Marry Me
39. Wussy: Airborne
40. Paul Simon: Mother and Child Reunion
41. Television: See No Evil
42. Public Enemy: Bring the Noise
43. Sonic Youth: The Ineffable Me
44. X: I’m Coming Over
45. The Indestructible Beat of Soweto: Awungilobolele
46. Culture: Two Sevens Clash
47. Lucinda Williams: Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
48. Michael Jackson: Beat It
49. Eminem: Stan
50. James McMurtry: We Can’t Make it Here Anymore

There are two juxtapositions I, particularly, like—Nicki Minaj’s ‘Did it on’em’ leading into Madonna’s ‘Borderline’ and LL Cool J’s ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ leading into Ghostface Killah’s ‘The Champ’—even, if I do say so myself!

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