Sunday, 23 January 2011

Possibly, the greatest shuffle that’s ever happened to me..?!

1. Rolling Stones: ‘Rocks Off’
2. Michael Hurley (& gang): ‘Driving Wheel’
3. Randy Newman: ‘Uncle Bob’s Midnight Blues’ (it’s funny, these tracks use the words ‘go down’ to different themes! ;p)
4. The Roots: ‘Dear God 2.0’
5. Wussy: ‘Mayflies’
6. Al Green: ‘Here I am (Come and Take Me)’
7. DJ Shadow: ‘** Transmission 1’
8. The Indestructible Beat of Soweto: ‘Indoda Yejazi Elimnyama’
9. Lil Wayne: ‘A Milli’
10. Elizabeth Cook: ‘Mama’s Funeral’

As I carried on through, it went through a lot more good songs—including, Kanye West’s ‘Monster’—I should use shuffle more often!

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