Tuesday, 2 March 2010

An interesting article that directly points toward the moron and the (economic) fascist world. FUCK government and FUCK anyone who thinks that government is out to help you.

Economic Fascism Article

Fascism is an idea that most people think has been dead for decades and they are most certainly wrong. There are many ideologies that are very similar to fascism and there are a lot of aspects within fascism itself. The two primary types of fascism are economic and military. Most people know about military fascism and wouldn't believe America and most other countries in the world are already fascist countries.
Economic fascism is when governments and corporations fund each other, monopolizing and killing human freedoms along the way. This has been happening in America for years. The federal reserve give money to the government (which they make out of thin air) and the government are therefore in debt to them. This is a breeding ground for a corporate government alliance i.e. an economic fascist country. From here democracy has less and less influence on what goes on behind the scenes. The people are ignored because debts are owed to certain people. The corporations can then elect people as the government becomes more and more corrupt. This is what we have seen happen to America over the past decades. Crime has risen steadily, health-care has become a corporation and yet everyone believes this is normal only because it has happened over a long period of time. It's very simple problem yet no one can see it. The media is run by the corporations which is another major part of a fascist economy.

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