Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I hate to say it but Obama sucks. Since being in office he has done jack shit apart from fixing a few, minor, irrelevant issues like the embryo thing. I like the man, don't get me wrong, I like how he is a centrist by principle (though many will disagree with me) but that is also the reason why he sucks so much ass! Being centrist allows him to sit on his thumb. Here are some questions I would like answered from this lazy git:

1. Why isn't he bringing troops back from Iraq?
2. Why isn't he banning setting up bases in Iraq? (Don't tell me it's to stabilize Iraq cos that's BS—they want to go into Iran and he's all for it, apparently)
3. Why isn't he tackling the federal reserve and introducing ‘sound’ money?
4. Why isn't he banning RFID chips and anything of that nature?
5. Why hasn't he created a public health care system yet?

I'm seriously annoyed by Obama because he hasn't done anything. I just pray that Ron Paul runs for president again in 2012. If he doesn't then I just give up on America and the American people. I mean—you voted for Bush. Twice. I really have no respect for you—and why should I? At least 75% of you are stupid.

To follow on from this—do people not see that by creating this big monetary disaster (the credit crisis) the American government will make people believe that more government is a good thing and will create a positive approach to government regulations. I.E. Allow the government to run the show more than before. This will only lead to more freedoms being destroyed and exploited and eventually a one world government.

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