Wednesday, 17 March 2010

I had another weird dream last night. I was, somehow, seeing this girl up in London. I can't remember if it was from the internet. I went to her house and we were getting real cozy when one of her friends came round (I can't remember exactly why he came round). He acted a little shy all night and we kissed in front of him etc. The next day I went into London, (although I can't remember exactly where) to meet her in town, and it came out that the guy was in fact her boyfriend! :p

He had real beef with me (obviously) but they were back together. I got really pissed as she lied to me and we split up (in different directions). Then I end up in a cinema but it's all decked out like an old, expensive, theater and this interview came up on the screen. It was for two designers (who don't exist?) who were talking about the adverts they had made and how some of them had been too graphic for the cinema. It then showed some adverts that did make it to the cinema–they were small blurry objects or images that unfolded into beautiful images. For example–a blurry image of a few lines turned into half a spider and a car logo. I don't know whether I have seen something like this on TV before as they seemed so professional; or maybe I'm a genius. *looks at nails

Then I am in a TV show as a member of the cast. I am sitting at a table with Edie Falco from the Sopranos sitting to my opposite right and two other women sitting to my left (on opposite sides of the table). We're doing the scene (can't really remember) and trying to act it really well (like the Sopranos :p). Apparently the brother of the girl was in the audience and he's jeering at me, you know, talking about me to his friends. Eddie Falco whispers to me ‘don't listen to it, just concentrate on the scene’, etc, and we continue. 

I then find out that this guy and her brother have been spreading rumours around about me. That I didn't have a gun or something about fighting with some guys (I know it doesn't make any sense)? I'm then on a bus with a load of ‘LA looking’ kids and the rumours are still floating around so I tell a girl that I would fight anyone with my bare knuckles (who fights with guns, right?) and that if he has anything to say to me I can come-back with ‘well I've been inside your sisters pussy’. We arrive at the school and I get off the bus. I start walking through the school (a little apprehensive as this is not my school and full of ‘LA looking’ kids :p).

The entrance is open plan (with no roof) with just breaks in the wall for people to get out of the buses (i guess a bus yard :p). As I turn a corner, round a column, there is a guy getting off a bus. He asks me about a record deal and I start shooting off about making an album and how Kanye West was smart, and not a thug, and the way to go etc. He seems really interested in me and he's asking me all these questions like–would you include some black power material? I said, yeah, power for everybody–although I would add some black power, you know, both individually. Then a colleague of his steps off the bus and he's slightly more negative, trying to cut the guys interest, but he ends up giving me his email so I can send him the tracks when I've finished! :p 

Then I wake up. :p

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