Thursday, 18 March 2010

At first I was undecided whether I should post this but I now must get it out of my system! :p

I've been watching a lot of Spongebob (in the background) and every fucking break that Nanny McPhee (and the Big Bang) ad comes up. If you are unfamiliar with this film I will give you 3 good reason why you should not see it:

1. It's so obviously awful it's target audience are middle class parents who think it might be ‘fun’ for the children. Don't submit your children to something so obviously awful–it will lower there intelligence significantly–I thought you were meant to be parents? Take them to see Toy Story 3, Up (if it's still on) or get any of these on DVD.

2. The nanny character looks like the most annoying character of all time.

and 3. The previous one had that annoying little kid from Love Actually and Colin Firth in it. Enough said.

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