Sunday, 28 February 2010

TV Reviews:

Spongebob Squarepants: Although I can see why people find this annoying (on the surface), if you look deeper the animation is well timed and the jokes are rarely unfunny. Although it's obvious the characters were first drawn on the side of a school table it has evolved into a highly entertaining show. I think I would regret calling this ‘just a kids show’—the animation alone would get an A. I especially like the shots where it's a drawing emphasizing how disgusting they look. :p A−

Scrubs: I don't know whether to rate this an A- or just a very good B+? The episodes are so inconsistent it doesn't allow a great impression to form. I like the characters—they encapsulate a generation. I understand why people whine about Dr. Cox overdoing the rants but I still find them funny—that's just who he is. The stories could be more focused with less dorky jokes—but hay, that's what the show is. A−

Futurama: After Groening became tired with The Simpsons he created this—a show that allowed some less accurate jokes. The characters are fun but iffy, the jokes funny but not spectacular. Don't compare it to the Simpsons because you'll be disappointed; but still, it's one of the best things on the air when you compare it to others. A−

Southpark: Hilarious but highly immature; they can't escape this fact (which is it's biggest flaw). The only thing on TV that still gives me regular laughs I applaud it because, at least, it stays true to it's roots. Stan's dad is a particular favourite and most of the characters are highly believable. I think it's the animation in combination with the production that pulls it all together. A−

Twin Peaks: An incredibly rich shot at a TV show it re-wrote the rule book. Great cast performances and a chilling atmosphere are only held back by a badly timed plot. I wouldn't have minded watching the whole show the way it was intended (and it kind of irritates me how the average Joe couldn't) but it was rushed and re-written halfway through which led to it's ultimate demise. A+

The X-Files: The first 15 minutes set up the premise—Mulder and/or Scully travel to wherever. The second 15 minutes someone is attacked and killed creating the mystery. The third part either Mulder or Scully is hurt by the enemy in question and the forth part the evil is captured (or at least concluded somehow). Sometimes I can watch this show and fall asleep but it's still a great show. A+

Seinfeld: The greatest TV show of all time, hands down, and a personal favourite of mine. This is what a comedy should be—actually funny, intelligent, not scared of seeming cocky, includes strong subject points while over-dramatizing small ones. If you don't find this funny you are not a human being. A+

Two and a Half Men: Dud

Family Guy: Insincere comedy that follows no kind of plot. Has some nice ideas but never followed through intelligently. ***

Desperate Housewives: I thought the whole premise of this show was that it was a dark show? Despite some strong acting there's far too many unfunny shenanigans. Too much hair swinging, too many scowls. I like some of the story-lines and dislike others (just like most soaps) but the actors/tresses shine enough to make it enjoyable. Just could you imagine this show with more darkness and less gloss? A bit more like Twin Peaks? It's a shame. A

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