Sunday, 28 February 2010

Film Reviews:

Withnail and I: What can I say? One of the funniest films ever made (possibly only after Annie Hall, Dr. Strangelove or Duck Soup). Beautifully acted—probably the most realistic acting I have ever seen—with characters so real you fall in love with them. A man's movie (although I don't see why girls can't find it funny). There is an area towards the end (the police) which threatens to sink the film (well, at least, I didn't enjoy it). 4 Stars

The Karate Kid: Corny but in a good way. Everyone enjoys the relationship that forms between Mr Miyagi and Daniel-san. This film creates the cliche: obnoxious but warmhearted American and the wise but seemingly hard Asian with everyone else against them. Enjoyable but a little slow in places, going for the heart not the jugular. 4 Stars

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