Thursday, 14 October 2010

Vlogger Reviews:

spricket24: Mad, but not obnoxious, fun but not dumb—spricket actually has some very interesting topics which she infuses with stoner-like (funnier because she’s a girl—and not actually a stoner) goof-ball antics. A−

SpoonyOne (The Spoony Experiment): A very likable, intelligent person who—although has some disagreeable reviews—conjures some interesting insights. He is always ranting but they are so coherent that they become active thought. He definitely deserved that award. A−

JamesNintendoNerd (AVGN): I like this guy so much I want to give him an A+ for just being an all-round awesome guy. Smart—but never too smart—his maturity helps him to think about his movies with detail. The scripted, faux-plot movies are never cringe-worthy and always immensely fun to watch. His familiarity on camera is a natural-born gift. A

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