Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I just tried the B&W Zeppelin in the Salisbury Waitrose. The Zeppelin got 5 out 5 stars and a Best Buy from WhatHi-Fi? so I thought it nessesary to test it! I have to admit I enjoyed the sound. It was a nice, clean, smooth soundstage that was obviously of professional standards. One thing I didn’t like was the over-bearing bass. It was not, just, that it was over-bearing but that it didn’t sound very good. The bass was flat, muffled and dumb-sounding. I have read online that there is a bass setting you can fiddle with—and that changing the location of the Zeppelin can affect the sound dramatically. I really want to try this out—to see if I can create a better sound—as the treble and mids were outstanding for an iPod dock (even if it is £400).

Note: The Zeppelin’s rating (from WhatHi-Fi?) has now decreased to 4 stars. I find 4 stars a more precise rating—it is a well crafted piece of hardware but it lacks in reach. The bass is too strong, the treble and mids are not as dynamic and as smart as I thought they would be and it sounds dumb at high volumes. Not something I would like to spend 400 pounds on, at any rate.

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