Sunday, 4 July 2010

Album Reviews:

LCD Soundsystem: This Is Happening:

I never really liked LCD Soundsystem all that much—Murphy has swapped hipster allocations with tuneful expression here—he just doesn't take it that far. You can hear this, especially, on the track ‘All I Want’— the main riff could be slightly catchier—reminiscent of The Strokes ‘Is This It’. I can't decide whether I like the longer songs or would have preferred more of shorter length (definitely quicker paced). I do like the general sonics though—they're not too douchey (although, they could have been smarter). A−

Elizabeth Cook: Welder:

Great songwriting here—some great lyrics too. Intelligent subjects matters, which—in my opinion—are hindered only by her voice. She has a great voice—don't get me wrong—it just seems a little bit childish. But hay—I'm nit-picking. A

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