Thursday, 10 June 2010

I think I should do an update on my raw food diet (plus I haven't done a regular post in a while). I have been doing a raw food diet now for almost 3 months. I have had the occasional cooked meal (plus the occasional slip-up!). What I have learned, so far, from eating raw foods is that they make you feel happier. A lot happier. You know that feeling you had as a child—that feeling of free-rolling happiness with some background apprehension? That's how I feel—all the time! Every time I have a cooked meal, processed chocolate or junk food I feel lethargic, I often get a headache (which I never used to and I rarely get headaches anyway), my mood becomes more unstable and I generally feel unwell. I have also lost almost 6 and a half kilograms. I'm not so bothered about the weight—it's the realization that most of the fat on my body is made up of deposits of starchy carbohydrates and processed fats. I can imagine people thinking that I am too skinny (I am now 63.7 kg/10.03 stone/140.4 lbs) but in reality they are too fat! I don't mean this in any superior or malevolent way—remember I don't care about my weight. I believe that people are meant to be a lot thinner than they are—only carrying a small amount of (natural) fat—not all these left-over carbohydrates. My veins stick out more, my ribs protrude and my skin is becoming tighter to my muscles, but also, my skin is becoming clearer, my breath fresher, I sweat less, I have more energy, i am less stressed and I come home after a 12 hour shift feeling full of energy—now who can say that?

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