Sunday, 2 May 2010

TV Reviews:

Harry Hill's TV Burp: Probably my favourite show on air, at the moment. Although I used to find Harry Hill a little irritating—he's matured. Great production and hilarious jokes at a high consistency. It also has the rare quality of actually deserving an award. A

Peep Show: I really like this show—especially when it first aired. The whole first person conversation idea is a huge success. The characters are subtly great and the story-lines are always hilarious. If it wasn't for this show David Mitchell would have never been catapulted to stardom in UK and he's one of our funniest people. A−

QI: The only game show I can watch, on British TV, till the end. Stephen Fry is a smart guy (I loved his documentary on the U.S.A.) and one of my favourite celebrities. The fact that he can get easily distracted muppets to listen to what he has to say (and remain interested) is proof that this show is worth watching. Although the interesting facts the show relies upon is a bit of a weak idea it just holds it together. Also, I was surprised to find out he is gay. A−

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