Thursday, 29 April 2010

TV Reviews:

Hollyoaks: This is an average at best soap with high-end production. While I prefer the more real life situations I dislike most of the characters and the acting is, more often then not, poor. The camera work creates a sheen which takes away from the characters interactions. *

Coronation Street: Some great characters who are truly believable. The camera work is good and direction is consistent. Although the plots are becoming increasingly unbelievable they balance the show well by only having one or two main plots running at one time—allowing funnier, minor plots to fill the cracks. A−

The Wire: The greatest show to have aired since the end of The Sopranos. I love every aspect of this show—the characters, the plot, the direction, the script. I can safely say this is the last show I ever OD'd on and I doubt another will come anytime soon. My favourite season is the forth when they follow the lives of the schoolchildren. A+

Battlestar Galactica: A mass of special effects and shaky camera. *

The OC: While I did enjoy this when it first aired it a part of me now dislikes it. I think the character development is great—they tie in the emotional overkill with some solid performances. The story-lines, on the other hand, are often on the brink of stupidity. I guess, teens in this situation might do that but isn't it really just about a bunch of rich kids? A−

The Big Bang Theory: This is probably the first show aimed at teens, in the last couple of years, that has any kind of potential. Although the show is stifled by canned laughter the characters are great and the cast is not bad either—I especially like Sheldon. It might get more attention if the jokes were a little more varied. A−

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: I don't get why people like this show. The police are portrayed as celebrities posing as cops. The plots are highly unbelievable (I'm sure, to make them hard to figure out) and the cast are highly irritating. They split the show into three—realizing that three have a better chance than one. They were wrong. **

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