Friday, 30 April 2010

I've been having some trouble over which settings to use on my Xbox 360, regarding HD. Firstly my HDTV is native 768p so technically if I set my Xbox to 720p it will be scaled up but if I set it to 768p it will be scaled down because most Xbox games are set at 720p anyway? I have tested 768p and 1080p resolution so far and 1080p looks incredibly better—which I don't understand as my TV is 768p native? I haven't tested 720p yet (d'oh!). Then there are the colour settings—apparently YCbCr709 is the best because it displays blacks at 0 instead of 16 which is RGB default. I need to test this further. Then there are three other colour settings—standard, intermediate and expanded. Expanded produces deeper blacks and contrast and I admit this is the superior setting (imo). I just which a major publication explained this in detail as all I could find on the net were highly varied opinions from the usual internet dregs. :p

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