Sunday, 14 March 2010

While reading an article about the monopolizing nature of the Microsoft corporation at iA I found a link to this article.

Bill Gates Speaks Out Against Fascist Capitalism

After reading this article I would like to point out a few things to the layman:

1.  Africa and other countries who have nothing can only gain anything by joining the capitalist race because how else will they trade? This allows the fascist companies who run the world to control them.

2. To say that Africa needs to turn to capitalism like China did is complete BS. China had the resources tied with a power-hungry attitude to join (more or less) dominate the capitalist market. Africa have nothing so how are they meant to become capitalist?

3. This article was obviously written by some rich, right-wing, racist, CEO who uses words like free-trade to convince people that capitalism is the best way. If it wasn't then it's written by someone working in a political magazine who has been blind-sighted by what others are saying.

4. Free trade means that companies can use the very sanctions and rules THEY created to monopolize the market and crush the competition. Free trade and capitalism is really just economic fascism and it's a shame the general public (in general) doesn't see it as such.

5. To say that Bill Gates earned his fortune due to capitalism is just plain obviously bullshit the writer brings up to fool the fool. I doubt Bill Gates really cares whether or not Microsoft made as much money as it did.

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