Tuesday, 23 March 2010

TV Show Reviews:

How I Met Your Mother: What can I say? The new hit TV series aimed at teenagers—not too good characters, not too good jokes, not too good plots. It's inoffensive and just plain boring. B

Glee: There is something about this that is appealing. I think it's just that it tries so hard. It's already fallen into this rut where the teacher has to save Glee, while speaking to two or three other teachers in succession. I want this to be good because it has a lot of (wasted) potential. They need to make it more serious and less... ‘Glee’. A−

House: Only fools hail this as the best TV show on the air. Hugh Laurie is exceptional while the rest of the cast are interchangeable. The plots are often too simple and cheesy. I do like Laurie though... (oh, and that hot chick :p) B+

Will & Grace: I think it would be wrong to dislike the jokes because of their camp-ness, as they're still funny—most of the time. I think the cast could act a little less giddy and take the jokes a little more seriously. Some good acting, too. A−

Pop/American Idol: I like the premise of this show. Give an ordinary person the opportunity of a lifetime—to fulfill their dream. It doesn't pan out that way, though, does it? Most (if not all) of the applicants who make it through are good karaoke singers, at best. The fact that Simon and his crew have no idea who they are putting through, why someone is good or not and have no intention whatsoever to help the person (re-read the premise) almost makes this a turd but I still believe in the idea. A−

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