Sunday, 7 March 2010

I wonder, is there a way to change the size of the default space (pixels) in CSS? Hmmmmmm. I need to sort out these image and widget sizes too... ¬^¬ :p


Matt said...

what do you mean default space pixels?
show me or explain in further detail.

contact me at

this is matt from chi college and winch school of art

Joanie said...

Why not modify it in photoshop first? Or just change it in Picasa.

Alex said...

What I meant by "default space" was the size of an   but I figured out the code to change the margin for images - that's what I needed to do in the first place! *DOH! :p Thanks for replying! ;p

Alex said...

lol - gotta figure out these comments now! *rolls eyes :p