Monday, 1 March 2010

I really want to have a house party... all I need is a house! :p

A list of things I'd need:

1. Bowl(s) of punch.

2. Cooler with some sort of pineapple flavoured alcohol.

3. My speakers set up in their best position (try to minimize the mid trouble) and iPod set to shuffle (hopefully somewhere hidden! :p).

4. Decorations around the house—maybe some bean bags/blow-up chairs.

5. Food! Pizzas, snacks etc, beer and, perhaps, some weed O:-). Good beer (at least Heineken, Becks or the such).

6. People!! :p Good people who know how to have a good time but are not hipster douche-bags who will puke on your floor and trash your house.

7. A house/the money/the friends/the perfect timing to fund the party.... T_T :p

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