Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I had a really weird dream last night. I was a prisoner in a Russian military prison and was being put to death. The first half of the dream I (either started or ended up in–I can't remember) a room where the guards beat me etc. The guards were okay though they kind of let me just sit around etc but, somehow, I heard that the army bosses were planning to kill me. So a high-ranking officer comes over to this bunker thing and a few things go on with the guards–like he has an argument with someone and starts to beat his face in. I break into the room where they're talking and punch him hard enough (although he seems to be 0ver 6 feet tall and hugely muscular! :S :p) to stop beating on the guy (saying, ‘You're going to kill him!’). Anyway, I end up trying to escape and one of the nicer guards kind of let me out of the bunker and gets distracted by someone (or something? :p). I start running into the adjacent field and they all start shouting etc (but for some reason they don't chase me?). The grass is quite low so I'm crawling on the ground (as fast as I can)–it's like every escape, on film, I've ever seen! :p I escape (obviously) and then there's some sort of montage of me getting back to England (my geography doesn't serve me very well) and then I wake up to the cats knocking something down the stairs! :p Phew!

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