Friday, 12 March 2010

Album Reviews:

Lil Wayne: Rebirth:

Tha Carter III was one of my favourite albums of the '00s—Lil Wayne being, probably, my favourite rapper. His ability to produce so many mix-tapes surprised even me. With his latest work, though, there is almost nothing to admire. You can't play guitar Wayne and whoever you got to do the beats can't make a beat. I feel Lil Wayne's pain but I far prefer the sad clown Wayne. Funnier and smarter. Without the clown part you're just sad. ** (‘Drop the World’, ‘American Star’)


Anonymous said...

You pretty much rip off Christgau with every utterance. I suggest you substantiate your own opinion instead of blatantly plagerizing some of the most abhorrent bilge ever written. The work of a sheer shark / con man. Go back to school: fast! C+

Alex said...

I thoroughly enjoy Xgau because he has a very similar taste in music to me and (because he has all the data) allows some very interesting end of year lists. It's funny - why did you choose this album to comment on? Christgau hasn't even rated this album yet. Oh, did that burn? ;p

Alex said...

Also, you use a dash not a colon before fast. ;)